BlueSoleil VoIP

BlueSoleil VoIP 2.7

With BlueSoleil VoIP, you can wirelessly send and answer Skype calls anywhere
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BlueSoleil VoIP is a BlueSoleil plug-in designed for a more enhanced voice chatting experience with popular IM tools. It is based on BlueSoleil 8 or above version as other BlueSoleil plug-ins.Currently BlueSoleil VoIP only supports Skype, with MSN and QQ coming soon.

Do you enjoy chatting on Skype? with BlueSoleil VoIP, you can wirelessly send and answer Skype calls anywhere simply using your Bluetooth headset, it allows you to multi-task----whether you are reading a book, making a PowerPoint slide presentation, having a dinner, sleeping, or even when you are on another phone!

BlueSoleil VoIP brings more to your life not only freedom, but more business opportunities, more fun, and more happy moments.

Main Features:
- Wireless IM Call
BlueSoleil VoIP allows your hands to be free to complete other tasks by allowing you to make Skype calls wirelessly using a Bluetooth headset. All you have to do is set as default your Bluetooth headset connection with BlueSoleil VoIP.
- Flexible Voice Switch
BlueSoleil easily allows the user to switch back and forth between your headset and computer if you do not want to chat via Bluetooth headset, just change the mode to Mute on the headset to chat via microphone /loudspeaker on your computer.
- Convenient Control
If you do not want use BlueSoleil VoIP for the moment, you don't have to quit. Just Suspend the program. You can resume using your Bluetooth headset anytime. It is very convenient, allowing you to use BlueSoleil VoIP whenever.

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